19 April 2011

Self opinion


sometime i don't any place to write about what in my mine. when this in my mine little trouble, and sometime does not matter. In this time it's trouble still consume my self but i can not wait to long. I need a distribution media.

Many people share with another one or closer friend but with me. Easier to write lite this media than another way. When i get much problems this media very helpful to distribution stress.

In this time i can not adaption in my family event we began more than two years. How long we began not guarantee how harmonise our relationship. In this time i just cooling down, take it easy, positive thinking and see in my and my family future.

I know, i am not general person who easy to say bullshit to close our mistake or our bad habits. I do and i will do with trust in my mine. I don't care people would say different but this way is better in my mine.

I pray to God and believe God will help me soon and get way the best in my life not only me but for my around.