25 November 2009

Be passion

Mungkin itu ungkapan yang bisa aku ungkapkan untuk keadaan yang sedang terjadi. Kok ini jadi begini..kok dia begitu.... am i a fragile human? I hope this is just my prejudice and not real happen.

Didepan ngomongnya halus tapi ngga nyangka kok bisa seperti ini.... wuih...two faces...

21 November 2009

Never Give Up

Only this sentece i can writte to respone what happened in my live. I have purpose but not yet come true. Eventhough not yec come true, i hope in next time will get new change.

Now, just try, pray and never give up to do better.

01 November 2009

Writte more

Long time my habits litle bit different. I have much activities than before and don't know why i have not enough time to make a subject or just small article.

I have few topics to write, first of all: i would right about change my way to moved profit organisation. Second, what i have been doing on the new work place, what my responsibilities and another new challenge. Thirt, about environment situation. Forth, i have to prepare what i do next ofter this... The last, i have to writte what i could get from my experience.

I have tired so, i delay to writte more. Next time i would check and explaint what i found.